The correct control report must be completed duly and submitted to Housekeeping Office at the end of each shift for recording purposes. Most companies will have a mandatory two-knock, two-announcement rule. Nonessential paper amenities, like pens, paper, magazines and the guest directory, that could easily carry germs have been removed from rooms. A guest request should be followed up by the Order Taker with Engineering after 30 minutes. The microfiber cleaning technology is a best practice program. The Executive Housekeeper or Assistant Housekeeper will have to ensure that he/she has reviewed and released at least five rooms each working day and record properly the spot checking. But you never know who was in the room just before you got there. This SOP shall ensure the correct procedure of how an employee can enter a guest room. “If you assume that someone’s been in there coughing away, it can … Maintenance of guest rooms: Adhere to enhanced cleaning procedures outlined by the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Safe Stay Enhanced Industry-wide Hotel Cleaning Standards. The tub stopper/strainer mechanisms operate easily and work properly. All corners and crevices of the furniture and fixtures must be free of dust and debris. This evaluation will be used to monitor individual progress and to identify areas of common weakness between employees to provide necessary training. Aloha Jessie, If not, the urgency of the matter has to be … All surfaces and service areas are polished, cleaned, and free of spots, fingerprints, hair, spots, de-silvering, dust, cracks, smudges, and dirt. The Executive Housekeeper will review the Super Clean program report at the end of each month and submit a copy to the Director of Rooms. 4 – Clean the Bedroom: dust furniture and surfaces; wipe and polish surfaces; replenish or replace room supplies. Clear the garbage according to the procedure of removal of garbage from dustbins. 7 – Final Inspection Update: take last look and check; turn off lights; secure and lock door. Open and Enter Room If a “Do Not Disturb” sign is on the door – return later. You have entered an incorrect email address! Fixtures are always sparkling and shiny, without free of hair, unpitted, unscratched with water temperature flow according to fixtures’ markings and turn easily without visible rust. Replenish all guest room … The wastebaskets are cleaned daily or whenever required by spraying cleaning solution thoroughly inside the basket. IHG Way of Clean already includes deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants, and guests can expect to see evolved procedures throughout the hotel, which may include: Reception: Reduced … Yours truly took an impressive two hours — good for my beach body, bad for my ego. Guest Rooms: Hotels use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with particular attention paid to high-touch items. All fittings and furniture of the hotel including all artwork, vents, wastebaskets, nightstands, headboards/posts/frames, tables, desks, chairs, sofas, clothes/ credenzas, armories, alarm clock/radios, televisions, telephones; free of dust, dirt, smudges, spots, frayed edges, scratches, discoloration and tears. Ewa Beach, HI 96706 Wow!!! Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, Mar/Apr 2012, Hi Rose, Download our Exclusive 5 Weeks Self Study Waiter Training Course: ClickHERE. Add to the above as needed. The Executive Housekeeper or Assistant Housekeeper will be responsible for executing and reviewing the Super Clean program on a daily basis to ensure that the cleaning program is preceded efficiently and systematically. The in-room coffee maker remained, but was thoroughly wiped down. Enter the room according to the procedure of entry to guestrooms. Clean the room. Also, be sure to clean any mirrors as your guests will surely want to see if they look as good as your room … Do the same with the fridge, if the room has one. Thanks for the useful information. If a guest is ill and isolating in their hotel room, discontinue all but essential housekeeping services to the room. Hotel Room Super Cleaning Procedure The following procedures are to be executed under the super cleaning program accordingly: Under this cleaning program, assistant housekeeper will assign one room per maid to be “Super cleaned” the room … As a reader of your articles, I wish to request your assistance for information you may have developed for a hotel guestroom cleaning process program. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ", © Rose Galera and Clean Plus Systems II, 2009-2018. Procedure (Cleaning of a guest room) • Always assume that someone is in the room and allow them the time to get to the door. The following seven steps in guest room cleaning provides for a dynamic and effective system that will create quality standards and value results. Sanitise the TV remote and telephone with the supplied cleaning product on a dry cloth. 3 – Make the Bed: strip soiled linens; prepare clean linens; make the bed and finish with bed cover. 6 – Vacuum Carpets and Floor Surfaces: start from area furthest from door; reset climate control on air conditioning; draw drapes to standard. Public Spaces: Hotels have increased the frequency of cleaning … Click here to watch: Hotel Room Super Cleaning Procedure, [embedyt][/embedyt]. The responsible supervisor will review and check the each completed super cleaning program reports thoroughly and ask the room attendant to make necessary rectification whenever required. It's a continuous process. Such as: vacuum cleaners, cleaning cloth, all-purpose cleaner, metal hook, sponge, chrome polish, toilet brush sponge, scrubbing pad and gloves. Click Here to Watch Our Free Video onHotel Guest Room Super or Deep Cleaning Procedure., "Learning is never an end product. During this session, we will review the basics of cleaning a room and what it takes to ensure that your guest rooms receive the attention they deserve. After a room has been prepared and super cleaned by the responsible maid, it must be reviewed and released by the Floor Supervisor. This is where housekeepers must knock twice and say "housekeeping" and upon entering the All carpeted areas are vacuumed daily, with no dust, debris, stains, spots, burns, threads, bald spots, discoloration, without buckles or wrinkles, and free of visible footprints. The Executive Housekeeper will check the cleaning procedure to make sure that all cleaning staffs are assigned with their specific cleaning tasks and the written cleaning procedure has been applied, area by area, up to down and left to right. Faucets and handles work correctly, no drips or leaks. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Remove … The toilet and toilet floor are always free of hair, debris, scum, waste buildup, stains, discoloration, dust, odor, mold, burns, scratches, chips and cracks. Additional precautions for cleaning a room after a guest who has been ill has checked out of the hotel: Close off the room. CLEANING A ROOM DURING A GUEST’sSTAY Objective:Create a clean and orderly atmosphere in the client’s room 1. Full window cleaning is usually done monthly or seasonally. Wait 24 hours before you enter the room… Collect the soiled linen and throw in the linen bag. Paper cups were provided rather than real mugs. We compared these COVID-19 policies among eight major hotel brands, from enhanced room cleaning to temperature checks for staff. 5 – Clean the Bathroom: wash, wipe and shine fixtures; replace bath amenities; replace bath linens. It also will simplify and assist in the training process. This will be for housekeeping operations for a new property my company will be managing. The required beds are pulled out and mattresses are turned out properly as per schedule. Do not try to enter room … Marriott International Inc. is amplifying its cleaning protocols and procedures amid the global coronavirus pandemic. The company will also be placing disinfecting wipes in each room … Clean Plus Systems II Details for Cleaning Checklist First Stage During the first stage, collect trash, soiled linen, and terry and generally prepare the room for cleaning. A/C grill and toilet bowl grill are cleaned and drainage is washed duly. Under this super cleaning program all rooms, service areas and public areas must be included and super cleaned. Clean Talk with Rose The guest room A room may appear clean upon check-in. The flat-head mop system with an extendable handle and two heads should be used: blue for bathroom cleaning of tub/shower walls and surfaces and green for floor mopping. There were multiple stickers in the room outlining the extra cleaning … All furniture should be positioned according to the hotel floor plan. SOP - Housekeeping - Prepare guest room for cleaning Hits: 52348 SOP - Housekeeping - Restocking bathroom supplies Hits: 34639 SOP - Housekeeping - Servicing guest rooms Hits: 131047 SOP - … 91-119 Pahau Place Clean and maintain the guest room areas, including bathroom and bedroom, according to company standards. By Rose Galera, CEH All in all, Ajdari said it should take 45 minutes to clean a room in which the guests have checked out. Hotel Room Super Cleaning Procedure Step by Step. The sink stopper is in good working condition. Learn how your comment data is processed. The toilet must flush properly and the toilet seat must be fixed firmly with the caps in place, no leaks, or running water. Operational managers who create new cleaning procedures, maintain … Make sure that all responsible cleaning staffs for super cleaning program perform their assigned task weekly or monthly basis following the schedule cleaning program. The tub release water appropriately and drain freely. The following seven steps in guest room cleaning provides for a dynamic and effective system that will create quality standards and value results. Ensure consistent, smooth and polish color condition of the grouting. A color-coded program of cleaning cloths and flat-head mops should be applied to all cleaning tasks; for example, for cleaning cloths: blue – furniture dusting, red – bathroom cleaning and green – rnirror/ glass polishing. Arrangement of appropriate cleaning equipment and enough cleaning tools. The order taker will input information to database to show each cleaning staff’s individual performance. 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The vanity, sink, stalls, walls and grouting are free of any debris such as : hair, dirt, dust, streaks, smudges, fingerprints, hard water marks, lime deposit, mold, scum, soap buildup, water spots, residue, discoloration, chips and peeling. Wear disposable gloves to clean and disinfect. The following procedures are to be executed under the super cleaning program accordingly: The super cleaning program will comprise the following cleaning tasks to ensure that the program has been applied professionally and appropriately. Spot clean bedroom mirror and windows. Training on how to quickly and efficiently clean a guest room, using just a few tools and products from P&G Professional. Our today’s hotel housekeeping training tutorial will be on Super Cleaning procedure. In guest rooms, Marriott has added to its detailed cleaning practices, requiring all surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants. 1 – Prepare the Room: update room … Wipe properly to remove any unwanted odor and residue. Before entering the guestroom: a) Softly knock on the guest room … Organize and stock cleaning cart, and organize linen… 30+ days ago It also will simplify and assist in the training process. Start by dusting the room. … Vacuum or sweep and mop the floor. 1. Wait until the room or space is empty to vacuum, such as at night, for common spaces, or during the day for private rooms. If repair has been made, a courtesy call is to be made to the guest. To measure up to today’s performance standards, establishing appropriate cleaning processes is important. We hope you now feel more prepared to streamline your hotel’s operational and safety procedures for future guests post-travel-ban. Thank You, Jessie. 1 – Prepare the Room: update room status; remove food service trays; check lights, lamps, television, drapes and lanai. Mock room set-ups and housekeeping errors are … To further enhance the above program, proper equipments and tools are highly recommended. Mini-bar is vacuumed and cleaned as required. Fold clothes and either put them on the bed or on a nearby chair 2. B) Procedure for Cleaning the Dining Room and Parlor C) Procedures for Identifying Which Guest Bedrooms Need Cleaning: D) Procedures for Light Cleaning Guest Bedrooms: E) Procedures for Deep Cleaning Guest Bedrooms: F) Procedure for Cleaning the Public Bathroom VII End of the Day Procedure … 2 – Removal of Trash and Soiled Linens: disinfect bathroom surfaces; collect soiled linens and used glasses; collect and remove trash.